~ Clear That Shit Out for November ~

with Kalisa Augustine
Saturday, November 11 @ 4pm



Join your fellow modelFIT babes for an afternoon of meditation, sound healing and community building to clear your energy pathways for the month ahead.

Beginning with community building and sharing, Kalisa will lead a discussion about what is coming up for the group emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and invite everyone to share an intention for the month ahead. She will then guide the group through a visual meditation and, utilizing crystal sound healing bowls, a group energy clearing to shift consciousness and unblock energy for the month ahead.


Learn more about Kalisa Augustine and her pillars of practice here: kalisaaugustine.com/about-kalisa

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Holiday Prep with Lilli Van Hall!

Saturday, December 16th @ 4pm



modelFIT and, trainer, Lilli Van Hall have put together a pre-holiday workshop to get you mindfully prepared for the energy of winter. Lilli is a reiki healer, yoga teacher, and avid enthusiast for Chinese Philosophy. Throughout this workshop you will cleanse the body and mind with breath-work, meditation, and setting intentions for the new year. Lilli will educate you on the traditional practices of energy and Taoism. Using functional tools that play a key role in how she structures her modelFIT classes, you will learn more about how the mind and body work together to transition seasons and handle the intensity of the holidays with self-awareness, conscious effort, and grace.

Workshop will include —

Creating stability, cleansing the chakras, connection to the body, breath, and mind, meditation, kind expression with writing down intentions, and putting together a pouch that reminds you of this space you have cleared

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