Breath & Meditation Workshop
with Moun D’Simon
Sun May 21st – 2-4PM
Los Angeles



Join the amazing Moun D’Simone, and Resident Nutritionist, Shauna Faulisi for an afternoon of inspiring Breath-Work and Meditation practices to elevate your self-care in today’s modern world. Followed by a group discussion to close up the session.
We will explore a modern approach to connecting the breath to music and learn to control your nervous system through the breath. We’ll explore and start to release old programming, letting go of distracting thoughts and emotions and making space for positive and calming ones.

By making the mind calm and quiet, we can go deep into our inner world and discover who we really are. We find lasting inner-peace, happiness, and learn how to constructively solve our problems, realizing our highest dreams.

Combining Ancient Wisdom & Science in a simple and powerful practice for the modern world, this practice brings you to the center of yourself. That space of stillness where you are simply present with everything, in joy.

Join us!


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