Please take note that we do not attempt to review different poker software and operators. Not only would this consume a significant amount of bandwidth, but we have also found that each player’s personal taste is frequently influenced by their comfort level with the user interface, their location, and other non-objectively measurable aspects. We have included the tools and programs that poker coaches most frequently utilize in their training materials, including the popular blackchip poker.

We've gone digital with JETSWEAT

You can now find us exclusively online and enjoy modelFIT anytime, anywhere. Access hundreds of immersive streaming classes from modelFIT alongside classes from other top studios in complimentary modalities.

Welcome, Babe!
ModelFIT is a customized approach to mindful and dynamic movement that builds graceful strength and confident presence both inside and outside the studio. The modelFIT method breaks down large movements to effective and low-impact muscle burning workouts without straining the joints.
Create an oasis away from the chaos and stress of the city and work with purpose and on purpose to cultivate both the mindful and physiological muscles. With each class, you’ll find yourself shaking like a leaf with just a tiny weight.
Made for everyone and open to everyone. Engage, get long, lean, and sculpted with dynamic workouts and now flexible programming with JETSWEAT.

With Love,
The modelFIT Team